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X410.dev is now live! See how you can seamlessly use Linux GUI apps in Windows 10 with X410!

We'll be using X410.dev as a dedicated website for all X410 related contents. Currently available how-to guides and posts about X410 at Token2Shell.com will be moved to this new website as well. X410.dev will also host other topics that focus on creating a work environment that seamlessly combines Windows and Linux/Unix-like operating systems. When we […]

Token2Shell becomes more keyboard friendly in version 17.0.0

Token2Shell version 17.0.0 is submitted to Microsoft Store and should be available soon. The following lists its new features and improvements. Floating terminal windows now have a dedicated close button on their title bar and corresponding session tab You can now set newly created floating terminal window size in characters. This option is also available […]

Token2Shell version 16.1.0 brings enhancements and fixes for running it on Windows 10 October 2018 Update

▬  Version 16.1.0 Context popup menus for selected text are now correctly positioned on HiDPI monitors You can now select text even in Xterm mouse mode without using any special keyboard combo (no SHIFT key required) Improved connection stability for serial devices Improved UI consistency with Windows 10 October 2018 Update ▬  Version 16.0.0 Improved […]

X410 improves its HiDPI support for computers with multiple monitors

X410 no longer applies a HiDPI scale factor from the primary monitor; X410 now applies a normal DPI and automatically scales the output according to the HiDPI setting of the current monitor. If you're using multiple monitors with different DPI's, the new behavior should provide more visual consistency and better usage experience Multi-level popup menus […]

X410 makes X-Window apps more seamless in Windows 10

Running apps are now shown on X-Window taskbars and docks (ex. Xfce4 panel) in Windowed Apps mode A desktop X-Window that covers the Windows desktop (ex. Xfce4 desktop) is now automatically hidden in Windowed Apps mode Improved memory usage; X410 now even consumes less! Fixed various unexpected crashes in Windowed Apps mode. If you do […]