Token2Shell now supports higher bit MODP groups and hash algorithms for SSH key exchange methods

Token2Shell • 17.1.0

Token2Shell version 17.1.0 is submitted to Microsoft Store and should be available soon. The following lists its new features and improvements.

  • Added new SSH key exchange methods:
    curve25519-sha256, diffie-hellman-group14-sha256 (2048-bit), diffie-hellman-group16-sha512 (4096-bit), diffie-hellman-group18-sha512 (8192-bit)
  • Improved handling META key (Left-ALT key) shortcuts for international keyboard layouts
  • Added workarounds to improve displaying powerline/tmux status bar with Unicode symbol characters
  • Fixed unexpected hang problems while using 'domterm' terminal type in GNUPLOT is now live! See how you can seamlessly use Linux GUI apps in Windows 10 with X410!

We'll be using as a dedicated website for all X410 related contents. Currently available how-to guides and posts about X410 at will be moved to this new website as well. will also host other topics that focus on creating a work environment that seamlessly combines Windows and Linux/Unix-like operating systems. When we decide to release new apps or tools for helping such efforts, you'll definitely hear about it first from

We hope you like the new website!

X410 gets more options for better user experience in Linux GUI apps and desktops

X410 • 2.8.0
  • You now have an option for updating the content of a window while you're resizing it in Windowed Apps mode. Please note that we recommend turning this feature off when your computer doesn't have enough processing power or network speed.

  • Windows key can now be forwarded to Linux GUI desktops
  • Fixed adding random NULL bytes when copying text from Windows to Linux GUI apps via clipboard

Pull your Linux GUI apps out of Hyper-V consoles! Run them like Windows apps with X410 over VSOCK!

X410 • 2.7.0

X410 supports VSOCK (virtual socket) for Hyper-V virtual machines. You can use this feature to open Linux GUI apps side by side with Windows apps instead of on Hyper-V consoles. We prepared a new quick guide for trying this out:

Token2Shell becomes more keyboard friendly in version 17.0.0

Token2Shell • 17.0.0

Token2Shell version 17.0.0 is submitted to Microsoft Store and should be available soon. The following lists its new features and improvements.

  • Floating terminal windows now have a dedicated close button on their title bar and corresponding session tab
  • You can now set newly created floating terminal window size in characters. This option is also available for Address Book entries.

  • Address Book and Command Macro side panels now have an option for automatically closing themselves after selecting an item

  • You can now use the 'back (XButton1)' button on some mice for opening a parent folder in file navigation panels (ex. Address Book)
  • Token2Shell version 16+ requires Windows 10 October 2018 Update (Build 17763) or later

You can now seamlessly copy and paste an image between Windows and Linux GUI apps with X410

X410 • 2.7.0

X410 version 2.7.0 is submitted to Microsoft Store and should be available soon! Here are some of its highlights.

  • Just like plain text, you can now also share images (BMP/PNG) and HTML text between Windows and Linux GUI apps via clipboard.

    X410 natively recognizes and transfers raw image data in BMP and PNG formats. However, Windows and Linux automatically convert many image formats such as JPG to BMP format. Hence you should be able to freely copy and paste most images between the two OS's via X410.

    Please keep in mind that the clipboard sharing in X410 is utilizing network communication functions instead of system memories. So if your clipboard data is too big (ex. a high resolution BMP image) or your Linux app is running over a slow X11 forwarding, you may not be able to paste the data due to the delays and timeouts for synchronizing the two clipboards.

  • Keyboard layout files are updated to 'xkeyboard-config' version 2.27. You should no longer receive errors such as 'Error loading new keyboard description' while setting up your keyboard layout via 'setxkbmap'.

Linux GUI apps in Hyper-V virtual machines can now be opened on Windows with X410 via VSOCK

X410 • 2.6.0

X410 version 2.6.0 is now available in Microsoft Store! Here are some of its highlights.

  • X410 can now be used with Hyper-V Linux virtual machines for opening their GUI desktop via VSOCK (virtual socket).

    By using VSOCK, you don't need to worry about configuring firewall or IP address. As X410 seamlessly supports Windowed Apps mode and shared clipboard, you can also use Linux GUI apps side by side with Windows apps instead of confining them to a Hyper-V console. Moreover, your virtual machines will be using less system resources since you don't need to run XRDP or other GUI desktop separately for each Linux virtual machine.

    For an example of using this new feature, please read 'Using X410 with Hyper-V Linux Virtual Machines via VSOCK'.

  • X410 now accepts a command-line argument (:displaynumber) for designating a display number. You can concurrently run X410 for each display number and maintain separate settings. For example, if you want to start X410 for display number 1, you can use the following command from PowerShell or Windows Command Prompt:
    x410.exe :1
  • 'Shared Clipboard' options are added to the X410 tray icon context menu. You can use the new options to enable or disable transferring selected text between Windows and Linux GUI apps.
  • Improved shared clipboard data handling
  • Improved rendering speed in Floating Desktop mode

Token2Shell version 16.1.0 brings enhancements and fixes for running it on Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Token2Shell • 16.0.0/16.1.0

▬  Version 16.1.0

  • Context popup menus for selected text are now correctly positioned on HiDPI monitors
  • You can now select text even in Xterm mouse mode without using any special keyboard combo (no SHIFT key required)
  • Improved connection stability for serial devices
  • Improved UI consistency with Windows 10 October 2018 Update

▬  Version 16.0.0

  • Improved interpreting terminal control codes
  • Importing private keys no longer shows an erroneous exception message box for successful transfer
  • Fixed unexpected crashes when URL's are used for opening terminals
  • Token2Shell version 16+ requires Windows 10 October 2018 Update (Build 17763) or later

X410 now supports public access mode for directly connecting from any computer

X410 • 2.4.0/2.5.0
  • Improved handling drag-and-drop and popup menu positions on HiDPI screens
  • Window stacking problems in Windowed Apps mode have been fixed
  • Now supports public access mode that can be used for directly connecting to X410 from local virtual machines or trusted remote computers. Since any app can connect to X410 in this mode, please use Windows Firewall to properly limit hosts that can access X410.