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X410 improves its HiDPI support for computers with multiple monitors

X410 no longer applies a HiDPI scale factor from the primary monitor; X410 now applies a normal DPI and automatically scales the output according to the HiDPI setting of the current monitor. If you're using multiple monitors with different DPI's, the new behavior should provide more visual consistency and better usage experience Multi-level popup menus […]

X410 makes X-Window apps more seamless in Windows 10

Running apps are now shown on X-Window taskbars and docks (ex. Xfce4 panel) in Windowed Apps mode A desktop X-Window that covers the Windows desktop (ex. Xfce4 desktop) is now automatically hidden in Windowed Apps mode Improved memory usage; X410 now even consumes less! Fixed various unexpected crashes in Windowed Apps mode. If you do […]

X410 now consumes less memory and CPU cycles while still boosting its performance

The new version 2.0 has been submitted to Microsoft Store and should be available soon. The following summarizes the new features and improvements added in 2.0. ▬  Consumes less memory When X410 is launched in 'Windowed Apps' mode it now only consumes less than 10MB. More memory will be used as you open more new […]

Using YubiKey for SSH public key authentication becomes easier

Login Agent now supports manually pre-loading the public keys on PIV smart cards (ex. YubiKey 4/Neo). This can be handy when you want to test your PIV smart card without creating an Address Book entry. It can also be used to cache the PIN for your PIV smart card even when you disabled the "Cache […]

NEW! X410, your ultimate hassle free X server for Windows 10!

Want to run Linux GUI apps from Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)? Try X410, our brand new X server for Windows 10! X410 is hassle free. You can install X410 directly from Microsoft Store and get it swiftly ready for your X server needs. In X410, you don't have to deal with mysterious command-line options; X410 […]

Setup Token2Shell with your favorite colors; you can now import color schemes from iTerm2 and MacOS Terminal

Color schemes can now be imported from iTerm2 (*.itermcolors) and MacOS Terminal (*.terminal) Looking for cool color schemes? Check out this GitHub repository: https://github.com/mbadolato/iTerm2-Color-Schemes Keyboard mapping files are updated. The new files will be copied when you freshly install Token2Shell. However, if you already installed Token2Shell and having problems using function keys or other special […]

Token2Shell can now search subfolders for its background image

When you have organized your background images in subfolders and want Token2Shell to randomly select an image from those subfolders, you can now enable the "Search subfolders" option. Italic and strikethrough text styles are now supported. The new styles can improve your productivity while using server programs such as Vim. For example, while editing codes […]

Token2Shell can now do Docker!

Docker containers can now be created and managed from Token2Shell via newly added 'Docker Console' Docker containers can now be directly connected from Token2Shell without installing any additional program (ex. OpenSSH server) Sessions can now be kept alive by automatically sending a special SSH message or a string of characters (Idle Monitor) Line Sender can […]