Token2Shell can now do Docker!

Token2Shell • 14.0.0
  • Docker containers can now be created and managed from Token2Shell via newly added 'Docker Console'
  • Docker containers can now be directly connected from Token2Shell without installing any additional program (ex. OpenSSH server)
  • Sessions can now be kept alive by automatically sending a special SSH message or a string of characters (Idle Monitor)
  • Line Sender can now be set up per terminal
  • ALT+SHIFT+P now takes a snapshot of a terminal window with its title bar and frame border. If you just want the content area, press ALT+P.
  • When you minimize Token2Shell to Windows taskbar, Token2Shell now tries to postpone app suspension if you have any connected session. However, such postpone request can be denied or revoked when Windows detects low power.
  • Token2Shell version 14+ requires Fall Creator Update

Token2Shell/MD is now simply Token2Shell!

In efforts to develop apps that are more tightly integrated with and fully optimized for Windows 10, we have upgraded our Windows developer account. But unfortunately Microsoft currently doesn’t provide a way to transparently migrate existing apps from one developer account to another.

All in all, we are releasing a new version of Token2Shell/MD from our new developer account simply as Token2Shell! Please install the new Token2Shell from the following link:

Please note that the new Token2Shell is not offered free to existing Token2Shell/MD owners. It must be purchased as a separate app if you want to upgrade.

For transferring existing Token2Shell/MD settings (ex. Address Book), you just need to export the Home Folder from its Settings page and select that exported folder from the new Token2Shell.

Token2Shell/MD will eventually be removed from Microsoft Store but we'll keep providing bug fixes and minor enhancements as long as we can. All new features such as connecting directly to Docker containers will be added only to the new Token2Shell.

Please help us build Token2Shell awesomely better by supporting the new release!

Thank you.

Best regards,
Choung Networks Dev Team

PS. As Token2Shell/MD can no longer be purchased from Microsoft Store, it'll not be listed on search results. However, you can install it from the "My Library" section in the Microsoft Store app ([ ... (See more) ] » [ My Library ] » "All Owned").