If you want to use Linux GUI apps in a remote server from your local Windows 10 computer, you can use an SSH client with its X11 forwarding feature. You should be able to find the X11 forwarding option in most SSH clients. For example, our Token2Shell has this option as 'Enable X11 Forwarding' under its 'connection' option group. In an OpenSSH client, you can enable it with '-X' or '-Y' command argument.

After connecting to your server with X11 forwarding, just make sure X410 is running before launching Linux GUI apps in your server.

Please note that when you connect to your server with X11 forwarding, the server automatically sets the 'DISPLAY' environment variable. So if you modified your login script to manually set the 'DISPLAY' environment variable, you should remove it and use the automatically provided one.

Please also note that the X11 forwarding is suitable for redirecting individual apps instead of the whole Linux GUI desktop. Even though it's very possible to redirect a full Linux desktop environment with X11 forwarding, we recommend using different tools such as RDP or VNC for such purpose. Although you cannot use X410 with such protocols and need a new setup, they should be able to provide faster response time since they are designed and optimized for such usage scenarios.